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http://www.romancingtheblog.com/blog/ – Romancing the Blog
What’s hip, what’s now, what’s tomorrow in the romance world.

http://www.storytellersunplugged.com/  – Storytellers Unplugged
A group of thirty authors, editors, booksellers, and publishing professionals writing about writing and offering “behind the scenes” tips. (Includes many horror writers)

http://femmesfatales.typepad.com/  – The Femmes Fatales
A group blog made up of women mystery writers “sharing their wit and wisdom across cyberspace.”

http://www.murderati.typepad.com/  – Murderati
10 mystery writers dedicated to Mysteries, Murder and Marketing

http://writersgroupblog.wordpress.com/  – The Writer’s Block
A joint effort between a multifarious group of authors. Some are just starting out; others are well on their way! Their work you spans the spectrum: science fiction, poetry, inspirational non-fiction, and short stories.



http://www.janeespenson.com/  – Jane Espenson
Currently Co-Executive Producer on Battlestar Galactica and former writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer; has written episodes for shows including: Angel, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, Ellen, The O.C., Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dinosaurs, Andy Barker PI and others. The blog is offers excellent advice to help new writers tackle the job of writing those all-important spec scripts.



Website: http://www.podiobooks.com – Podiobooks
Free serialized audio books, delivered on your schedule.

Website: http://murverse.com/  – Mur Lafferty
Podcast: http://murverse.com/category/podcasts/i-should-be-writing/  – I Should Be Writing
Mur Lafferty has written for over 15 role-playing games, one textbook, one book on podcasting, and several magazines. I Should Be Writing is targeted at people who strive to be writers but are held back by doubts and self-constructed barriers.

http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/  – Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips
Mignon Fogarty hosts Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips and provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing covering the grammar rules and word choice guidelines that can confound even the best writers.



Website: http://awfulagent.com/ – JABberwocky Literary Agency
& Blog:
http://brilligblogger.blogspot.com/ (Joshua Bilmes)
Joshua Bilmes is the Proprietor of JABberwocky Literary Agency, which he founded in 1994.  He represents clients such as Charlaine Harris, John Hemry, Brandon Sanderson, Tanya Huff and Elizabeth Moon. 

Website: http://bookends-inc.com/  – BookEnds, LLC Literary Agency
& Blog:
BookEnds, LLC, is a literary agency focusing on fiction and nonfiction books for adult audiences. Primary agents include Jessica Faust, Jacky Sach, and Kim Lionetti.

Website: http://jenniferjackson.org/  – Jennifer Jackson
& Blog: http://arcaedia.livejournal.com/
Jennifer Jackson has been an agent with the Donald Maass Literary Agency since 1993.

http://lyonsliterary.blogspot.com/2008/03/bad-apple-agent-blogs.html  – Jonathan Lyons
San Francisco-based agent with Lyons, LLC

http://pubrants.blogspot.com/  – Agent Kristin
A blog where “a very nice literary agent indulges in polite rants about queries, writers, and the publishing industry.”



Website: http://www.datlow.com/  – Ellen Datlow
& Blog: http://ellen-datlow.livejournal.com/
Editor of the highly acclaimed, “Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror.”

http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/  – Teresa & Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Editors for Tor Books, mostly but not exclusively science fiction and fantasy.

http://redlinesanddeadlines.blogspot.com/  – Ellora’s Cave Publishing Editors
 Ellora’s Cave focuses on genre fiction: erotic romance, erotica, mainstream romance, women’s fiction, mystery/suspense, horror, scifi, fantasy/paranormal.  Contributing editors to the blog are: Briana St. James, Donna Hoard, Helen Woodall, Meghan Miller, Nick Conrad, Raelene Gorlinsky.


Website: http://www.balticon.org/  – Website for Balticon
& Blog:
Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s popular annual convention


http://redpooka.blogspot.com/  – Red Pooka
A book reviewer and journalist (and personal friend) with lots of ideas about the trade.


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