N. Renee Brown

Part-time Author, Full-time Book Junkie

An Introduction to the Host

Part-Time Author, Full-Time Book Junkie:
N.R. Brown has a passion for books. During the day she splits her time between being a librarian and working with human remains…while at night she is a horror and dark fantasy writer and blogger. Her work has appeared in Chiaroscuro (www.chizine.com), Clockwork Chaos, and Bad-Ass Faeries #4: It’s Elemental. She is also a featured blogger on “Unleaded-Fuel for Writers” (www.unleadedwriting.com), where she explores the pitfalls of developing her craft.
Ms. Brown is a member of Donna Andrew’s Hellebore Writing Group, and CVS of Northern Virgina Writing Group, as well as a member of Sisters in Crime. She lives in Maryland with her partner Day and two very spoiled labs.

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