N. Renee Brown

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Monday Nibble

Wisdom You can have phantom menstrual cramps, trust me.



You can also find it really hard to break the habit of counting days of the month AND having the split second of fear when you feel a little more MOIST than usual.



In a house with 3 dogs you will eventually hear yourself turn into your mother and say, “Da…Ve…Gam…WHOEVER YOU ARE, GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

You may also have the unfortunate luck to say, “Stop sniffing that, it is my butt!”

If you have a wife that does not share your love of gardening you WILL find yourself trying to patiently explain why corn won’t ripen off the stalk but tomatoes will…more than once.

And finally, just a tip, if the raccoon momma is teaching her babies how to raid your trash…just let it happen…even if it means being locked out of your house (that momma was scary).


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