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Bogfish…yum! (OR how I learned to love fanfiction.)

In talking to my wife the other day, we descended into a discussion on fanfiction.

It is amazing how that word makes people react: bad, good, confusion.

But in discussing it, we both realized we’d rather have people writing fanfiction about our stuff than not.  As a matter of fact, my wife had decided to mark her first fanfiction story (the first one written about her world) as a mark of her success.

And I can’t say I disagree!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

And this led me to an epiphany!  I would much rather write a new world, one that make people itch to explore corners that I have not delved into, than write our own world.  I’m here in this world, I know about most of it.  When I say I ate catfish for lunch, you know what it looks like, tastes like, and likely how it was prepared (because deep-fried is really the only way to prepare it!).    If I say I ate bogfish for lunch, your brain and your tastebuds start talking:

Brain: “Is it like swordfish?  Thick and meaty? ”

TasteBs: “Don’t be dumb.  It says BOGfish.  It obviously tastes like a bog.  Sheesh.”

Brain: “Bogs taste terrible, why would anyone eat one?  Unless, perhaps the bogs in this world are super tasty!”

TasteBs: “Like what?  Like candy?  BOG CANDY?  Ya know, I could get behind that…it would be like eating Swedish Fish for lunch, and that’s never a bad idea.”

Brain: “Oh yeah.”

So yeah, I’m all for fanfiction!  BRING IT ON!



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