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Clockwork Chaos (aka, look what I am in!)

Dark Quest Books and editors Neal Levin and Danielle Ackley-McPhail are proud to announce the release of Clockwork Chaos, an anthology of steampunk wonder! This is my first instance of being editior only on a collection…feels kind of odd to not have a story inside. I’m jealous, it’s a really cool collection. If you are curious, you can find out for yourself over on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Clockwork-Chaos-James-Daniel-Ross/dp/1937051560/?tag=blissinsan-20

Clockwork Chaos

Finding Order Out of Chaos…

History, invention, the power of deduction…Clockwork Chaos is more than goggles and gears. It is about order and structure and timing striving for mechanical perfection. But in an era where mass production does not yet exist, the unique machinery brought forth into the world is at times bound to fall short of the goal. This chaos turns the science into mayhem and when the gears spring forth this mechanical viscera is indicative of a world turned inside out. Join us in our journey through the shine of society to the dark steamy underbelly of grit and crime.

Thirteen stories of steam-driven genius plumb the depths of human intrigue even as they raise our vision to the skies. Patrick Thomas’s Spellpunk tale Deadly Imitation turns the Ripper into a tourist attraction. Gail Gray’s The Foxglove Broadsides uses the power of the press to bring down the political machine. And Jeff Young’s Ambergris in Ice gets to the grist of the matter on the issue of smuggling. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but read on to discover how mods make the man.

Featuring the work of Jeff Young, Richard Marsden, Matt Dinniman, Bernie Mojzes, R. Rozakis, Patrick Thomas, Angel Leigh McCoy, Gail Gray, Patricia Puckett, James Chambers, N.R. Brown, C.J. Henderson, and James Daniel Ross.


Clockwork Chaos Cover of Airships


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