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Some thoughts on weight loss and writing…

They suck and rock. I loathe working to lose weight and I loathe writing, BUT I love having done them! It is that double edged sword…the more you do it the easier it seems to come. Practice makes perfect in all parts of life, it seems.

They are selfish. You have to cloister yourself away, and unless you have friends and loved ones that are participating in the same activity (ie: going to the gym, training for a marathon, trying to swim a mile, writing a novel) you aren’t going to be spending time with them. EVEN if you are doing the same activity, there isn’t a lot of breath or mental energy left over for idle chicchat while you are sweating your butt off (either over the page or over the treadmill).

They are full of pitfalls. Brownies, new story ideas, going out to eat with friends, revising…everywhere we look something or someone is trying to sabatogue us! Not intentionally, mind you, they are humans and interested in their own welfare and if that means they are going to ask you to make brownies or skip out on your writing time for sex to make themselves happy…well, you are collateral damage. Sorry.

They ain’t easy. I can name 20 things right now that are easier than both losing weight and writing: watching tv, sleeping, eating, reading, playing games, shopping, stargazing, sitting by a fire, driving, watching a movie, talking to a friend, planning a vacation, cooking, going to a convention, laughing, reading email, posting on facebook, trolling the web, taking pictures, and vacuuming the cat. I can name very few things that are harder.

So, I guess in the end my advice to you is to practice until it does not suck. Take time for yourself, but make time for others. Skirt the edges of the pitfalls and fall in one every once in a while (it is fun), just don’t make a habit of it.

And finally, remember that nothing easy ever made you feel as proud as losing 20lbs or finishing that story.

-Renee (22.6lbs lighter, 19 1/2 inches smaller, and the next Trading Season installment done)


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    Wait, wait, wait! SEX is collateral damage?!?!?!?!?!

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