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A famine: It’s only words, right?

Writing, when I am on my game, seems so effortless…the words just spill out of me onto the page, and when I revisit them I find making changes feels right and I know I am doing what I want.

Then, when I am not filled to overflowing with words that want to come to the page, it is hard.  Very hard.  Torturous.

And let me be honest here and say that I am neither of these today.  I am in this limbo filled with good words, but not great words.  Filled with the desire to put pen to paper, but not the need.  It must be akin to bi-polar disorder.  Swaying like a swing between a love of words and a hatred.

I share this as a partial explanation of my absence (the rest of the explanation was ReaderCon which I plan on writing about soon), and to relay a promise that Olive’s next installment is currently open on my computer (I’ve already thrown away two different versions of this portion of the story, but I think I’ve FINALLY hit on what I want to tell you about her this time) and that I plan on posting it very soon.

Bear with me, my friends, I promise to provide.


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    There is a rune that signifies something along the lines of “When the seas are stormy and no fish come, stay on the dock and mend the nets.” There is a time for writing and a time for sitting back and reflecting or doing something else.

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