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I am a writer, and I live with a screenwriter…that means together we spend a lot of time thinking about what goes on the page or on the screen. We are not the picky, not really, we will watch almost anything…but what we do instead is improve.

If a movie does not work for us, we work through it together to figure out what would have made the story great. Recently, we began re-watching Firefly (our all time favorite series)…and I wondered about the dangling storyline of Shepard Book.

Day went and looked it up. It is commonly thought of as inconsistent with the series and movie, and honestly, quite lackluster. Instead of bemoaning it, Day and I talked about how to improve it.

Shepard Book, Hero of the Alliance, woke up after his biggest victory to be faced with the blank, staring eyes of young men and women instead of faceless Independents he’d thought them to be. With their blood on his hands, and the hideous laurel of fame as a war hero hanging over his head, he retreats to the Monastery where he finds solace, of a kind. After years of coming to terms with what he had done, and no longer sure he was even on the right side, Shepard Book decides he must repay his debt to the Independents any way he can. He pushes to the outer rim of the ‘verse knowing there his services will be most needed, but what he doesn’t plan to find is a very direct link to the war he wants so desperately to make amends for in the body of a Captain who still holds tuck with what is right and true…most of the time. Now it is Shepard Book’s calling to keep this man and his crew on the right side of the law, and barring that, at least on the safe side of damnation.

See, turn your writer’s eye to anything and it can be improved…or at least, improved in your own eyes. 🙂


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