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Pints of Interest!

A return to the pints! Raise you glasses, ladies and gentlemen, and let us toast some of the wonderful things I’ve discovered lately…

First: I’ve found a pretty reliable online submission tracker:The Writer’s Database: Market and Submission Tracker
It’s a simple database, but it a) it is online, b) it is FREE, c) it has marketing sharing. Yeah, you heard that right! This FANTASTIC little feature provides users with a database of markets which they can import into their own profile. IN ADDITION, users can add new markets to the database at any time. Just a warning, the owner of the record does not have to allow editing…so make sure the information is correct BEFORE you send something off to them.
On the other hand, it does not allow the really wonderful things that Sonar does…mostly on the story side…there are no notes, genres, or dates on the stories. You are allowed to put in the title and the word count, and that is it. But honestly, I wouldn’t exchange those few features for the grand and overwhelming positives of online access and market sharing.
One final pint of interest here…it looks as if the developer would be open to suggestions. I’m going to send in a requests for more story information options, I’ll have to let you know that pans out.

Second on our tasting menu, CHIZINE! CHIZINE! CHIZINE!
Your favorite horror zine and mine has been closed for a website redesign, but it is slated to re-open on APRIL 1st!!! I’ve always loved Mr. Savory’s zine and I’m sure the re-vamp is going to be fantastic!
If you like horror, or if you like any of the “alumni” from ChiZine, check out their mega-relaunch issue…you WON’T be disappointed!

Third, and finally, let’s talk about Balticon. This is just a quick endorsement for my local Sci-Fi/Fantasy Con. This con is not just for fans…it’s got a rocking writer’s track, an impressive science track, and a great podcasting/new media track. Seriously, this con is worth the time if you are in the area and have the time on a Memorial Day Weekend. AND it’s affordable. This year we’ve got Dr. Benjamin Bova and new media darling Philippa Ballantine…and I’ll be there too!

Bottoms up and enjoy!


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