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A kiss to build a dream on…

I relalized the other day then when I stopped doing Photo Sunday (read: stopped being beholden to the internet) that I quickly stopped taking pictures. My muse didn’t just fade away, she packed up the house and everything in it and R-U-N-N-O-F-T!

Which is a shame, because I was getting better. I can now look at those pictures from over a year ago and say: “That is good. That is bad.”

Which is more than I could do at the time, obviously.

Ok, so welcome back to Photo Sunday.

Today’s photo was inspiried by the National Portrait Gallery. Which, if you’ve never been, should be on your bucket list. Every time I walk into the courtyard there I am instantly filled with a peace that I get no other place.
(Although, this picture conveys none of that it does show some of the experimentation I’m doing with my camera and pictures.)

Zoomy Flowers:
Orchids from the National Portrait Gallery...zoomy.


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