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Lifting, hefting, raising…

Balticon cometh and this year I am not excited. Why? Because I was DE-termined (gotta say it like DEEEEEEEE-termined)…to get my novel edited and walk into Balitcon with the first three chapters ready to shove at anyone that would look at it.

I was ready to lean on the few people I see and interact with every year for a little help along the author highway.

BUT I’m not.
I’m just not.

I can’t beat myself up over that though, I can’t get down in the dumps about it, I can’t get DE-feated (said the same way)…
I can’t because I just don’t have time. If I can’t come to Balticon with the whole thing done, I’m going to at least try to come with the first three chapters done.

That way this year wasn’t a complete waste, although lets be honest 2009 is going down in my book as WORST YEAR EVAH!


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