N. Renee Brown

Part-time Author, Full-time Book Junkie


My momma doesn’t like what I write. It’s not that she doesn’t like my writing style, or the fact that I write…she just isn’t into the “weirdos” that I write. Don’t get me wrong, she loves to read. She often gets up an hour early to spend time reading the newspaper. BUT she’d rather read nothing than what I publish.

It’s ok, I’ve always got my dad. He loves fantasy/sci-fi/horror. He was the one that took me to Star Wars (I BARELY remember it). The problem is that dad doesn’t like to read.

So how did I end up the way I am? Dad’s love of a good story, mom’s love of reading…it was a “perfect storm” and there I was to soak it all in.

So, what happened to you? How did you end up writing what you write?


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