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GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone…anyone…please…send a 4×4, a plow, a salt truck, ANYTHING!  SANTA, FOR GOD’S SAKE I’LL TAKE SANTA!

Snow covered street and car.


5 days in the house, we’ve only made it out once…and I understand how someone who lives in a place where blizzards and multiple feet of snow are a regular occurance can lose their minds and kill their loved ones.

Seriously, one can only watch so much TV before your brains slide out of your ear and start mucking up the collar of your shirt.  Back on Sunday, I didn’t understand why people (in tiny little cars) were out wandering the steets…now I do.  I am willing to brave the blizzard now.

Being alone with the snow, ice, wind, animals and woman are diving me out of my tree!  I LOOK FORWARD TO SHOVELING!  Ok, ok, so I liked shoveling before…it made me feel like I was exercising…but I’m just going so stir crazy I’d chew off my own leg if I thought it would get me out of here!!! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time off…I’ve gotten almost all the laundry done, the dishes washed, I’ve gone through some books and marked them for donation, I’ve put away all my clothing…but I can’t settle my mind enough to do anything worth doing.

I could have spent these 5 days (soon to be 6) wrapped up a world of my making…but I can’t quit cat vacuuming long enough to do it!!!!!  I’m disappointed in myself, but I’m resentful of even having to write this…

What has happened to me?  Have I lost my writers drive?  Did I ever have it to begin with?  Or am I just snowbound and stircrazy?


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