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Spintergate ’09 (Part 2)

So, to follow up from last time…

Splinter is still in me, and I’ve only got enough antibiotics to get me through till morning.  Ok, fine…so what do I do?  Well, with no one else to go get me antibiotics, and 10 inches of snow on the ground by morning I had to call CVS.  They were open, thank God, but didn’t know how long that would last.  I told them I was on my way.  I got my walking stick and Day’s as well and took off with multiple layers my wallet and phone and a prayer. 

I only fell once, sliding off a curb I couldn’t see and into the street.  Other than that and crossing the streets, it wasn’t that bad.  (Except the pain in my leg…they hadn’t given me any painkillers for the morning, nice of them wasn’t it?)  Anyway, I get to CVS and discover I’ve lost my phone on the trek.  Great.  But at least now I’m not going to die from an infection.  I take one of the antibiotics right there in the store and one of the painkillers too!

I begin the adventure back to my home, and stop to see if I can find my phone in the snow.  BUT where I fell is turning out to be a very highly traveled area with very little by way of salt/sand and so cars are sliding around the curve like they are funny cars looking for drift!  So, I give up on the phone…and head home.

The weekend passes with me mostly babying the ouchie because I don’t wanna make it worse, then on Tuesday I get an appointment with a plastic surgeon.  I go in and he has to open me twice as wide as the guy in the emergency room…and spends at least 10 minutes looking for the damn thing.  He’s getting frustrated and I’m getting worried when he says, “2 more minutes of this and I’m going to send you to get an ultrasound to find this thing.”

Then he moves and I gasp, I feel something sticking me.  He makes some noises and then all the sudden proclaims, “THIS THING IS HUGE!”  He had pulled a splinter about 2 inches long out of my leg.

Yeah, 2 inches.

Anyway, he leaves the wound open so it will drain and tells me to stay home for the day.  So I do, and I’m glad I did…that injury was in such an odd place that sitting down was painful and I bled through the bandage once.  Then I saw him 2 days later and he told me that it looked great…but he wanted to see me after I got back from Missouri.  Ok, sure, fine…I’m just so happy to have the damn thing out of me that I would have kissed his feet.

I had a close call when I got trapped in Chicago.  I had left my bandages and antibiotic ointment at home, sitting on my couch (where I had put them so I wouldn’t forget them)…and then I actually irritated the wound banging into the arm of the plane seat…AND THEN I got trapped in Chicago for a day.  So now my wound is bleeding a little and sore, and I don’t have anything to put over it.  Great.

Well, the next day when I arrived at my sisters house I was able to clean it up…and she said it looked a little angry.  BUT with a few days of tender loving care it was back on track to healing again.  When I got back from MO, the doc took a look at me and proclaimed me mostly healed and told me he didn’t need to see me anymore.  Woot!

Moral of the story…not all splinters are created equal.  Some are stakes!!!!


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