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I am determined to do this.
Day related this story to me about a personal trainer…he said he could tell in the first meeting with “resolutioners” which ones were going to stick with it and which ones weren’t going to make it past March.
If meeting with him was the only exercise they did, AKA he was the one pushing them to get anything done…warning bell!
When he asked them to start keeping a food diary, and they “didn’t have time” or “didn’t want to” or “didn’t see the point” without giving it a chance…warning bell!
Basically, he is looking for people that are taking responsibility for this resolution, not just waiting for him to drag them thorugh it.

Well, it’s that time kids.
Time to take responsibility not just for our physical health, but our writing health as well.
Keep a writing diary…what did you do, how long you did it, anything to track what you are doing. Trust me, later it will pay off (just like the food diary).

And make a schedule for writing and stick to it.
I told you earlier I was going to do something with regards to writing every day. It’s a little ambitious, I know, but writing a blog post…reading about writing…editing…writing…plotting…outlining…drafting…etc. ALL count! This isn’t about doing 8 hours of writing a day. This is about trying to find a way to help me with rule number one.



Ok, so what are you doing this new year to boost your writing? To take responsibility for your success? Come on, I wanna know!!! 🙂


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