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On the mend…(Blog Bite)

I hate getting sick, but the good thing about being sick is how good you feel after. Today, I am still sniffling and coughing, but man feeling MARGINALLY human is such a bonus that I am overjoyed! I’m filled with optimism and am trying to take advantage of it.

So here are my updates for ya’ll…

1. I’ve recorded 3 episodes of Unleaded, unfortunately we are having trouble getting the podcasts to upload onto the “new(ish)” WordPress version…so you can’t hear them. BUT the transcript of the first one is up. Look forward to #2 (which is the beginning of a 4 or 5 part series on the parts of a story) next Monday.

2. I’ve decided to change a big part of my Brain Flu story, and it’s a good change! I’ve given my heroine someone to talk to and someone to get emotionally attached to in appropriate ways! Trust me, it sounds worse than it is…but when you throw yourself into your work all the time that is inappropriate!

3. I’m going to submit my outline for the Brain Flu story to the writing group next week! I’ve gotten too involved in the story and now think it is terrible and way too thin to hold up. With the help of my friends, I’m hoping we will find out a) that is NOT true or b) how to fix it with the least hurt possible.

4. Saturday will be writing day! I’m so looking forward to it! Downtown at the Penn Quarter Teaism, if you want to join us just let us know.

Ok, enough updates…I need to get back to the editing on my chapter.

Find your peace, and live it!


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