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CVS 2.0 (Blog Bite)

I’m tired of being a fan.
I’m tired of being a wannabe writer.
And I’m ready to do something about it.

This year, attending Balticon was not as fun as it had been in the past. Why? Because I wanted to be a guest not an attendee…ok, not even a guest, but I wanted to be there as something more than a fan!
Coming back from Balticon, I shared this with the other members of CVS (my writing group). Now, with their help we are pushing CVS 2.0!

What IS CVS 2.0 you ask?
Well, it’s hard to explain, but we had gotten caught in a rut (like all writing groups do). Our submissions were down, our goals were not being reached, we were devolving into a social group.

Well, we’ve decided that is not what we want out of CVS! As a group we’ve committed to renewing our dedication to writing…and to one another! It’s time for us to push one another to write…to ask one another what we are doing to get published…to go en masse to cons and start developing the sort of web of support and acknowledgement that gets new authors the buzz they need to succeed.

Ok, so look out world…we’ve decided to leave the cats alone and come after you. And boy do we have a story to tell!!!

Peacin’ it,

P.S. Thanks to DL Thurston and Day for being so 2.0 about this new direction!!!

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  1. 8/24/2009 | 12:39 pm Permalink

    Hell yeah, 2.0! I’ve got a notebook, I’ve got a bunch of pens, and tonight I start the slow process of snowflaking and outlining Capsule.

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  2. 8/31/2009 | 12:04 pm Permalink

    Oye! You are such a bad influence on me…*trudging off to continue editing Harmony*

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