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Look at ME!

Many of us would never admit that we do it for the admiration, but we do. We get down in those trenches and fight and scratch until a piece of our soul appears on the page in a good enough format to merit sharing with other people…and then we do. We share it, we post it, we talk about it, we explore it, we focus on it, and we want others to do the same thing.

Very few of us are here for the “art form”, it is just not in the nature of the beast that is humanity not to want recognition. Even those that hide their work, I’m thinking in specific of the tinfoil altar here in D.C.’s American Art Museum (http://www.flickr.com/photos/shallom/361816204/), want something out of it. The man that created the tinfoil altar was creating it to honor God, he wanted the Big Man’s approval and courted it with his very best work.

At the same time we are such an insecure species! We are afraid someone won’t like it, it won’t be good enough, etc. Oh yeah, I know you are out there, hiding behind your bravado…but if I told you I didn’t like your story it would hurt. These are our “babies”, we want you to think they are angelic too. It’s such a conflict.

Day and I are working on a project together…which might be good since we come from 2 different writing styles….and we are having such a hard time. Not only is putting that first draft of a project out there to be seen, hard, but you are doing it with someone that wants to edit it and take out all the pretty pictures you’ve just created. Trust me, it makes for some very CHARGED exchanges. But the point is, we do it. And I think we are closer because of that.

So, why put our writerly selves through all this? Well, we like others to see our shiny stuff, stuff we have made and presented, and we want them to admire it. There is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, we could take a page from a few hard working new media authors out there and hawk the heck out of our stuff every chance we get. Every short story/novel/screenplay, show it to everyone, because who else is going to let the world know how great you are unless it is you?

So take a minute today and ask someone around you to take a good look at how cool you are, you might find they agree with you.

Under the pile of a million bones, struggling to find a peace,

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