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Service? I don’t need no stinking service.

I’m not sure what’s going on…if the service industry is being flooded with people that have no business serving anything to anyone or if D.C. expects so little from it’s servers that they can get away with it…but lately OMG I have been sadly disappointed at the quality of service around town. And oh, I’m here to give you an example of the worst of the worst…

I’ve been dying to go to Phillip’s Flagship (an all you can eat seafood buffet) in downtown D.C. overlooking the marina for about 3 years now. The website makes it look lovely and I’ve heard really good stuff with regards to Phillips Company in general(for those that don’t know it’s a local chain). So, when my niece came to visit I dragged us all down there. And boy oh boy, I wish I had not.

We arrive only to find that you have to pay $7 to park…after 7pm on a weeknight. Who does that? Well, after this, not me.

Then when we get upstairs we’ve got to wait and wait and wait…only to be told to go to another line and wait and wait and wait. This would be fine with me if there were no seats or if the place was busy. BUT it was not. 75% empty and they still couldn’t seat us for like 10 minutes. What is up with that?????

As we are waiting, some yeahoo from the kitchen walks up to us staring at the dog the whole time. I say, “Can I help you?” (as pleasantly as you please, by the way) Thinking that perhaps there is something wrong with the dog that we don’t see, or if all else fails this might be an teaching opportunity. Instead of getting our usual, “Ain’t no dogs allowed in here.” We get this instead…
BTW, hold onto your hats…Seriously.

“Why you need that dog in here, you got friends that can walk you around.”

POLARBEAR?!?!?!?!? I am so sorry, stupid did not just say that, did she? OMG, she did!!!!!

AS IF DAY, and you all know how Day is, would ALLOW me to walk her around. Hell, even when I’m forced to do so when the dog is out of commission she yells at me for being a bad guide dog (which is why we go to the groomer now we just WAIT while Veni gets all gussied up).

Believe it or not, for once we were so in shock that no one said anything. She wandered off quickly after saying this obscene thing to us and I fumed about it for a good long while after.

Well this would be the end of my story, and I might have even forgotten this incident if it hadn’t been for the food. Seriously people, I’m surprised I didn’t get sick. The “fresh” seafood…the clams were chewy (in a bad way), the muscles were tasteless and watery, the crab legs were cold, and the shrimp were like rocks. I was shocked and dismayed that a place with such a reputation could serve seafood that was obviously 1) old when it was cooked, 2) pre-cooked and stored most of day, and 3) “on display” for much longer than any normal food should be and much longer than seafood should be. And it went on from there…the ribs were fatty, the salad old, the stuffed shrimp were old enough that they had turned a funny color, and the rice was crunchy. Of the 4 of us that went (I took my niece and her friend) none of us ate more than one full plate of food. It was THAT bad.

At the end of the night I wished I’d just gone to Red Lobster.
Oh yeah, I said it. RED LOBSTER is better than Phillips.

But you know, after all this I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. I turned in a comment card and HOPED to hear something from the company. Not about the food so much, although they do have a lot to answer for in that realm, but about the service dog thing. I wanted to know they were going to address this, because it is unacceptable. (In my comment card I likened it to asking a man in a wheelchair to be carried by his friends.) But did I hear from them?
Oh yeah, I hear you out there and oye did you ever guess right!
It’s been a little over a week and you are right I’ve heard NOTHING from them. NOTHING.

So today I wrote the company itself. We’ll see if I hear back, although at this time…I’m not holding my breath.

So let this “review” serve as a warning to all of you out there…avoid the flagship at all costs and let me be snarky and say if this is their “flagship” then God forbid I have to ever visit any of their other restaurants.

Find your peace, and live it…


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    Wow, that was nervy of that chef. Is this something you guys encounter a lot? It happened once when I was with at a Burger King or something. I guess I hoped it was an isolated incident.

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