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Gluing my face to my hand.

Still no computer, tried to buy a replacement…but again my bad luck with computer stores holds.
You know the difference between a butthead and a d*ck? Yeah, the butthead will have everything you need but be nowhere around…and the d*ck will ALWAYS be around but only have everything everyone ELSE needs.
Yeah, so my local computer stores are d*cks. Yes, while having power cords for all of creation they do not have a power cord for MY little bit of creation! ARGH!

In other news, Balticon is this weekend! Whoo hoo! Four days of a smell to which (after sitting in an overcrowded, tiny, inadequately air conditioned room) I will be contributing..at least until I can reach a shower. Other highlights…some of the nicest authors in the world will be there. Quite a few podcasts will be recorded there (cheering fun!). A star party will take place with alcohol encouraged. AND there is a king sized bed…one of those funky 70’s half indoor/half outdoor pools…cable…and a Wegman’s across the street waiting for us. Ahhh, vacation.

Oh and btw, am STUCK at 23lb loss. *sigh* I just want to lose 4 more, that will really inspire me to work harder! Because from there I will be spitting distance from a HUGE goal for me. God, I want to shatter that barrier…I want to barrel down to what I was when I was in high school. ARGH! I feel the pressing need to take a walk now…:)

Perhaps I’ll try to go to the gym after writing group tonight…AND I’ll have access to a treadmill and swimming pool this weekend. NOW all I have to do is stay away from the divine cheese at Wegmans!!!


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  1. 5/21/2009 | 1:06 pm Permalink

    Have fun at the Con! Some day I will join you there. Some day…

    As for the weight, keep with it! You can do it, because you’re amazing! And don’t get too discouraged, because you’re probably hitting that spot where the muscle-tone you’re building is even with the fat you’re losing. Which sucks, imo. Our bodies have strange design “features.” Like the fact that you cry when you’re upset and end up with a headache just to make sure you’re even more miserable!

    Anyway, *hugs* and hang in there!

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  2. 5/21/2009 | 2:50 pm Permalink

    Call me and I’ll tell you the absolute best place to by a laptop…I swear by it and refuse to buy computers anywhere else. Unfortunately a little pricey, but oh, so worth it.

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  3. 5/28/2009 | 12:43 pm Permalink

    Awww, thanks Lisa! I know that my body is changing, I can feel it when I walk up the stairs or even grab a meal that is much smaller than what I would normally eat (or totally different) and still feel content. It IS really frustrating though, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere…but I’m hanging on. Hanging on.

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    Thanks Tiff, perhaps we will do that when Day needs to replace her current laptop…mine is only a year old and I am loathe to replace it just yet. 🙂

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