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Photo Tidbit: Surreal Sublime

This week has been good, relaxing and fun and good…and to celebrate that we’re going to look a pretty pictures today!

#1 Sherbet Skylines:

Where is this sky?  Some far away planet…or alternate dimension?  And if it is right here on Earth what did people long ago think of displays like this?  Was it a time of celebration or dread?  Who would they turn to?  What would they say?

Me, all I can think of is Rainbow Sherbet…and the time I had my tonsils out (which was something of a mixed blessing for me seeing as I was/am food obsessed…see, they told me I could have all the ice cream I wanted but I felt so bad all I wanted to do was sleep.  And then when I felt good enough for the ice cream, I couldn’t have it…nope, only sherbet.  Cruel, no?)

Anyone’s Altar, Everyone’s Altar:

Who made this?  And why?  Will they come back for it or has it served its purpose?  Who was it meant for?  Did we disturb the aura of this place by stumbling upon it?  Did we break the spell?  Did we enhance the experience?

When I first saw this I thought it was just someone’s trash…but the more I looked at it, the more I saw the patterns and intentional nature of the placement.  I’m not sure if this is “found art” in the the most find-y  sense of the word or if this served a religious purpose…but either way it was cool.

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