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Happy Feet

I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately….it’s a long story which starts with me WANTING to pay my registration for my car but unable to do so and ends with me plowing through my podcasts. So, I’m left with music and an actual print book…not all bad, except I tend to get “happy feet” when I’m on the metro (this is only embarrassing when I see someone staring). This has got me thinking about my love of the dance…so today’s photo tidbit is dedicated to the amazing people out there who dance!

Are people dancing on this street right now? What caused this bit of art to be placed right where it is? God or demons? Ghosts or love? Are there spirits standing on these shoes right now waiting for the right person to come to them…waiting for the love of the dance to descend…waiting for some unclear undefined thing that will set them free or chain them forever? Tell me I want to know.
This lovely picture is brought to us by iwona_kellie’s love of creative commons…and for that I thank her!

Who takes pole dancing lessons? A wife/mother/daughter? What do they think when they do it? What happens to them, to their relationships, to their views on life after they finish the class? How many women have done the same thing? Is it a secret society…a shameful life…or a glorious rebellion?
I just love this picture and I thank Arturo de Albornoz for listing it in the creative commons section of flickr, go check out his photostream!

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