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Shooting Stars and Eyelashes…(Photo Nibble)

Is it a matter of opinion or perspective? Are they wishes or plans? You know we don’t always see everything in the exact same way and perhaps that’s good…perhaps by having a new set of (fresh) eyes we can see things we missed before and if a few of us turn our minds to it we can see a whole host of opportunities.

Sometimes I get stuck in my writing, I start to doubt my plot/character/setting/talent…and I get stuck in a spiral where I don’t write or I avoid it just so I don’t have to deal with what I see. Then there are the times that my writing elicits a compliment from nowhere and I rush home so I can spend time with my laptop. The thin line between loving it and hating it can easily be influenced by our perspective…and our mindset.

So, you tell me…is it wishful thinking or is there something worth exploring?

Did the person who owned the snow sled think it might snow on this tropical island? Or were they just holding onto a life they left behind? Was it a souvenir from their first encounter with snow? Or is it a sinister omen for times to come? (The evil snow sled…I like it!)

What is this? A picture of the moon? A pan of liquid silver? Or just water? Could it be an alien landscape or a dangerous poison? Where did it come from? Who takes care of it? What is it used for?

Well, find your version of peace and share it with me…


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