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In a tailspin…

Battling, battling, battling…I feel like I did when I first got these panic attacks and every day is just a series of “just one step” discussions with myself.

I’ve dropped 4 lbs since last Thursday…a little high for one week, I’d like to cut that in half but there isn’t much I can do when everything I eat lumps in my stomach.  My sleep has also been on the screwball path, with me getting so tired in the evening that I just fall in bed at 10pm and get up at 5am (only to fight with myself and worry until I fall asleep at 6ish) and get up again at 7am.

Tomorrow morning is the physical with the doc…I’m taking Day with me and am setting up a sleep apena test and a stress test just to make me feel better.

Just got to keep moving forward, keep moving on and try not to let the little things set me off again.  Be kind and don’t tell me any details if you know them…it’ll just make things worse for me.

Ok, enough of maudlin!  Got the site working again!!!!  Won’t be able to post podcasts till I find an alternate plugin that works with this version of WordPress…but at least I can post now!  Look forward to a few updates I’d made up held up while the site fought me.

In other good news, found out the gym down the street is much cheaper than the current gym!  Ditching the current gym asap…and am now only 10-15 minutes away from not one but 2 different gyms that both have pools (but who close at 10:30pm, instead of midnight, oh well).

Ok, I’m done…just wanted to give a little yoo-hoo to let you know I haven’t melted down completely (although I’ve been trying).


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  1. 3/27/2009 | 5:52 pm Permalink

    I’d be glad to let you have two of my pounds if you really want to cut your weight loss in half. 🙂

    Also, we can bitch about annoying medical tests together if you’d like…I have one coming up the end of April.

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  2. 3/28/2009 | 3:25 pm Permalink

    Aww thanks, Tiffany! *hug* I’m actually pulling out of the spin…saw the doc and that helped a bit. Got a pedometer (and walked 14000 steps so far today…granted I was at the Epilepsy Walk this morning so I’m not sure how much I can keep that up but I’ll try!)…I also decided to start watching my sugar intake, my family is cursed with diabetes and I don’t want to have it too.

    BUT if you want to bitch about medical tests…you know I’m here! 🙂

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