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The road is for walking! (Photo nibble)

There is a whole world out there, a world that many never see and until recently I was one of them. See I got trapped in a small town, doing small things, on a small scale…it can happen to anyone…and my idea of a vacation (which I took rarely) was to go down to the lake for a few days. It was a lake I’d been going to my whole life, one that had little in the way of variety, but it was what I thought of as a vacation.

Not anymore! Now I’d rather fly off to somewhere exotic and different than almost anything else, that includes writing! I know, I know, I’m bad, but I think of it as expanding my setting horizons and it always gives me a ton of new ideas! Ok, so this week we are thinking about traveling, keep that in mind while you come up with stories for these nibbles…

Wow, what a perspective! What happened? Are you falling or flying? How did you get in this situation…are you a spy? A bird? A plane? What? Or is this as simple as someone confronting their worst fear? You tell me…

Are we coming or going? Where does the road behind lead? What does the road ahead hold? Who else has traveled this way recently? And why? Did they leave something behind for us? Is someone or something following us? Will we leave something behind for them/it?

Ok, so get to it…post your stories in the comments and if we get enough of a response I’ll start picking the best and put them up as a podcast. How does that sound? You might even convince me to mail you a book or two (lord knows I’ve got enough around here!)

Find your peace, and share it with me…

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