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Announcing: A Whole New Buffett!

I am re-designing my website, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from the layout. During this re-design, you might see a lot of things appearing and disappearing but I promise everything will return, in one form or another.

Starting next week, I’m hoping to “launch” the new site. The biggest change will be the 3 days a week posting (Lord, what am I think!?!?!), and in an ideal world they will consist of one main dish (blog post), one photo nibble (photo post) and one audio dessert (podcast).

The blog posts will be as usual, just me talking about whatever catches my fancy or linking to something I think is worth sharing. I may also branch out as things go along, perhaps reviewing books or perhaps story deconstruction on popular novels. Anything to help just along our merry stumbling road to great writing.

The photo posts will be much like the post prior to this one. One to two photos will be presented with story prompts and perhaps a story about the subject or my experience taking the photo. I’ve already got the next photo nibble all lined up and cannot wait for next week when all of this will come into play. By the way, most of these will be my own photos but who knows what I might pull out of where…so if you’d like to “donate” a photo to the cause (story prompt included) feel free and I will gladly give you props for being a good person and helping a fellow webbie out.

The podcasts should be about 5 minutes each. I’m still working on music and formatting for the podcast, but I’ve got the body of the first one finished. These aren’t going to be like “Unleaded”…they can’t really be since I’m hoping to re-launch that site as well sometime soon (but on a reduced schedule). No, these are stories about writing, about my personal experience dealing with life and work and a muse that torments me in my dreams (yeah, I’ll explain that one in a later post too).

Anyway, I hope you stick with me as I move some stuff around and revert time and again to the “classic” view. I’ll keep after it if you keep reading.

Find your peace in making a fresh start, and live it.



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