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Day 8 and time for a little distraction.

First a word count update.  As of late last night, I had caught up with my personal NANO goal.  14,113 words and not a breath to spare.  The word count is not easy to keep up, but the story is spinning out of me like a  spider web…now all I need is a fly!

The real reason for this post is a little 8th day distraction (and on the 8th day they rested?????).  Day has been loading my IPOD down with music and podcasts and videos, for which I am thankful.  During my writing time I use the music to drown out distractions, and during my breathing time I use the podcasts to keep me in the writing spirit.  Well, the other day she did especially well!

We are both fans of the Escape Artists line of podcasts (Escape Pod, Pod Castle, and Pseudopod) and I’m proud to say I’ve got all three on my IPOD.  BUT the other day I listened to epsiode #113 on Psuedopod and was captivated!  http://pseudopod.org

The story is called, “Furnace Room Lullaby” by Leah Bobet, and I loved it.  I shared it with Day and she commented that I write a lot like Leah, thus of course I would like it…but I’m not sure I agree.  I think Leah has the restraint I do not have.  If I am giving you a feast at famine’s table, I’m telling you about every plate you’ll see.  Your palette gets numb, you just see another dish.  Leah gives you the centerpiece and then lets you taste it.  She rolls it around on your tongue for you, letting some flavors sink in and others slide past into your stomach for a full feeling later.

Seriously, this story is polished and fine.  Worth the distraction (I’m listening to it now) and it might even kick you into writing gear as it has done for me the last two times I’ve listened to it.  http://pseudopod.org/2008/10/24/pseudopod-113-furnace-room-lullaby/

Huzzah and enjoy! 

Find your peace and live it, even if it is…oh, look!  Shiny!




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