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Day 2 and Off to an Undead Start

I had a great weekend in a little town called Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Cute, but with a patina of sadness.  Back in 1889 a flood wiped out the town…a flood caused by a burst dam which was the responsibility of a rich “Hunting and Fishing Club” 14 miles up the mountain (For more info: http://www.jaha.org/FloodMuseum) .  They have rebuilt, but it’s just sort of sad.  A lot of the really cool things there are direct results of the flood…like the Inclined Plane (www.inclinedplane.com).  Instead of this being bad though, it really gave me the bug to write my Zombie novel.  I could just see the hardship in the eyes of all the pictures and even in the people that still live there today.

By the end of my stay, I wanted to capture it forever in my novel…Not just the people, but the whole feel of the town is perfect for my novel.  The proud rebuilt city, coming into its own among the ruins…forever fearful, forever minful, but not very watchful at all.  Thus I wrote over 2,000 words today.  All good words that smell like Pennsylvania Pine and have a cover of icy morning frost. 

This puts me on schedule…although you wouldn’t know that thanks to the NANO site.

UGH!  Here’s some hate for the NANO site. (hate, hate, hate)  I can’t get in, I can’t update anything, I can’t even get it to move.  It’s like a snail…no, worse than a snail, and that is so frustrating because in less than an hour I will be 2000 words behind!  NANO, why must you MOCK me!?

Find your peace and live it, even if you are thwarted!


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