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Photo Sunday #10

It’s that time of week again, time to look at what I took pictures of…and it was yet another thin week. I’m hoping the next few that come up (with Cherry Blossom Festival and Horrorfind and Hawaii) will be packed full of good photos…but in the meantime I didn’t do too bad on this week with Day and her new stockwhip. Which, let me tell you, is a one of a kind Jeanne Fraiser Stockwhip made of kangaroo leather and very sweet.

Well, without further delay…

I love the texture and richness of this photo. The grain of her jeans, the crosshatch of the leather, and the studs on her belt buckle. It all just rocks when you blow it up…it is so full of energy/color/life! I often bemoan the fact that I kill photos…this one I did NOT kill.

A girl and her whip are not soon parted. This is not a crisp at the previous one, but the lines on it are fun and I love the ‘movement’ in this shot. You know what she is doing without her moving a muscle. I was impressed with myself. *lol*

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    Look! Whip as a fashion accessory!

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