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Photo Sunday #9 (Now with photos!)

It’s Thursday and I am just now getting my photos free from the evil SD card…but in all honesty, it WAS my fault. Somehow I flipped the little lock button on the card. It makes it hard to use when it is locked down like that.

This week was another thin week with nothing going on in the event arena, which left me scrambling for something to take pictures of. Thank goodness for Spring! Our yard has started to explode, not only with grass that will soon need to be cut, but also with flowers we didn’t know we had, as well as the ones I had previously planted. The first up (always the first up), Crocus in a beautiful purple. What a treat to be out playing with the dogs and come across these sweet flowers. I had to sneak a few up pictures of them close and personal…but I was fighting the cold and even as I was snapping I could see them tightening up against the night. Very neat.

The next also in honor of spring and Easter and all those good things that bring flowers and warmer weather. Next up is a church I pass every day on the way to work which I think is just lovely. I mentioned wanting to take pictures of this place in a prior Photo Sunday post as the church that had an amazing look when the sun was setting. Then it seemed to sparkle…where as here it conveyed a sense of permanence.

Have a peaceful week and Happy Easter!


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    So what’s for this week?

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