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The computer ate my brain!

I’d forgotten how harsh the learning curve on a new computer could be!  You go from having everything set up just so, knowing where everything is, and understanding how most things work (I could never understand how EVERYTHING on a computer worked because that would just take up too much RAM on my part, tee hee)…to utter chaos. 

 My last computer actually belonged to Day before she passed it down to me,  and thus I’d already had experience with it before I ever took “possession” of it.  Not to mention it was using the same operating system my previous computer (Henry) had run on, so that made the learning curve that much smoother.  I slipped right into using Elsinor Pearl like putting on an old glove, I only had to adjust a few things before I was reading and running. 

Not so for the new computer!

The Levithan (the new computer… Levi when he is cooperating) was put on this earth to stifle me and make my life more difficult.  Thus the name.  His Vista operating system, which I did not want but could not see paying MORE to have XP installed, is some strange hybrid of XP and Satan making nearly everything impossible to find.  I delete something by mistake and can’t find the undo button…I open a webpage and can’t find the view pull down menu…UGH!!!  How hard is it to not muck with my head?  Pretty hard, appearantly. 

Thus this week has been a very thin week on nrbrown.com…and not because I’m not writing (I am) and not because I have nothing to say (I ALWAYS have something to say)…but because I’ve gotten a lovely, huge, “omg what have I purchased, a  small third-world country?” computer that persists in making me learn a whole new way to function.  As we speak, I’m looking longingly at Miss Pearl wishing I’d just gotten all the problems with her power cord and wirless card and rapidly disappearing memory and case fixed.

Then again, I’m writing on a 17 inch screen…haven’t had a headache (other than caused by traffic) since I got this puppy last week…and I’ve been writing like a fiend.  Humm…perhaps Levi is alright afterall. 

Good computer.  Sit.  Stay.  Customize yourself.

Peacin’ the world!



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