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Photo Sunday #7

This weekend Day and I played with fire and my camera again. I know, I know, two weeks in a row with fire pictures, but I’m still trying to figure out what works and what does not thus the experiments continue.

I am still trying to balance the amount of ambient light around the subject and flame and the actual light from the flame. I’m not going for the classic look of subject lit by flame (leaving the landscape around them black)…but more subject and flame presented in the landscape, drawing from it and making it snap. I envision the flames highlighting not only the planes of my subjects face but also the metal on her belt buckle as well as the tree behind her, all the while our subject is drawn not by the flame but something off screen, something we cannot see but desperately want to.

It may sound hokey, but it’s my vision. *grin*

So, I am working up to this, trying to find out what works and what doesn’t…and along the way I’m learning new things and taking some very nice shots.

This first one is Day’s fire-portrait…which has given me a great idea for a series of element portraits (ice portrait, smoke portrait, water portrait, earth portrait, etc.)…we were playing with the batons and she pulled this great pose. I had her do it again and again until I got the one I wanted. It’s still a little fuzzy, but the flame here is just dazzling and the look on her face was just right. I couldn’t not choose it. I put it through flickr’s editing software, but it is still not the way I want it. I’ve got to say, this “it’s a great pic but fuzzy” thing is seriously making me reconsider getting Photoshop. Anyway, here she is…

My second picture is another day/fire picture. She just looks so great here I couldn’t help but share…

My second picture is stuck at home on my computer. I will fetch it tonight and post it while I work on my new laptop…oh yes, did I mention the new laptop had arrived? I want to wipe it before I add anything on it so that’s the plan for tonight.

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    Actually I like the fire pictures. Flames to add a movement and danger to a picture. Our minds add motion to fire even when it is a still life because of our experiance with fire.

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