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The Trading Season

Swamp with Water ReflectionThe Trading Season is part of a serialized novel…ok, perhaps not a full novel, but more a prequel of short stories that take place in the same world as my Chizine short story, “A Viper Among Us” that appeared May 30, 2011.  After completing that story, I found myself returning over and over again to the characters of Lisette and Olive, Mama Cree and Rastus, and the post apocalyptic world they live in with voodoo rituals, walled cities, Flock Rules, dogmen, Shamblers and Bayou hospitality.  Thus was created  the “prequel”  – the Trading Season – an opportunity to further explore ideas and characterizations that I may use in longer works, or just  share with readers of the blog.

New updates of the Trading Season will appear in this blog every other Monday, and if a year from now, this concludes as a full novella, I may just put it all together into a small ebook to be available in late 2012.

In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the story!

Original Chizine Story – A Viper Among Us

The Trading Season (prequel to “A Viper Among Us“)

Additional images, recipes, songs and quotes from The Trading Season

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