N. Renee Brown

Part-time Author, Full-time Book Junkie

In shock…

Someone from my writing group died very suddenly on Tuesday…it’s a wakeup call. This could happen at any time, today could be the last day for any of us.
Thinking about this is hard for me, I’ve had a lot of faith issues in the last few years and I’m still trying to find my way. I’m also not getting any younger and can’t eat and laze about like I used to. I’ve got things I want to do, and I want to make it to do and see those things. I know you do as well…let’s make a promise to keep one another honest. I’ll go first. In addition to (once I get the site fixed) posting 3 times a week, in those posts I’ll give you an updat on EXACTLY what I am doing writing wise and body wise. Sound good?

Ok, so tonight I’ve got writing group, that’s good for the writing…and after we are going to the gym as we always do, that’s good for the body. I’m set for today, and tomorrow I’ll give you a little tweet to let you know what’s happening on the writing/body front. Feel free to do the same, I’d love to know what you are doing to keep your writing going forward and your health in tip top shape.
Feel free to leave suggestions and tips and exercises (for both mind and body) in the comments, I’ll try them and give you a shout out here as to their success or failure!