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Taking a little time to chat with God on my computer…you can too.

Our weekly distraction, a little early or late depending on how you count is “iGod”:


I just had a conversation with God.  I’m not kidding, and I’ve got to tell you I just had the most fun of my weekend in this conversation.  I found myself having to explain the concept of humor…not easy!  Take some time and talk to God yourself, it might prove enlightening. 

Anyway, I’m 46000 words into my 60000 word goal.  It was sort of funny, I started on Friday with a word debt of about 5000 words and now I’m in the positives by about 1000 words (and I’m planning to bang out another 1000 before I quit tonight).  It was all the product of an amazing day when the words just came and I felt like it was no trouble to put them down.  I only have a few of those days, but when they come oh they are like the best candy coctail in the world!

Ok, sorry it’s so short but I want to get back to it.  I’ve got a special treat in store if I can finish before the 30th and I’m bound and determined to do it, even if it’s only a day early!

Find your peace and live it, especially if it has faith in it.



It’s official.

This weekend at Balticon (more on conventions and Balticon in particular later) I reached the 100,000th word on In Harm’s Way.


I found it sort of anti-climactic, honestly.  I know the story is not done and I know there is more work ahead of me than I expected.  It is just the way I write, just the way I work.  I’m ok with that. 

We all need to discover not only our muse, but our inner slave driver and work with him (instead of fighting him as I so often do) to get things done.  It isn’t just about the muse at the end of the day, I mean yeah she’s the flirt at the party making you grin like a goon…but that person back in your hotel room, your slave driver/internal editor/whatever, plays just as big a part when you come down to it.  Afterall, they are the one paying the bill at the end of the stay.

Still yet, I made my goal and in honor of that and to celebrate it, I purchased two masks made by Christine Yolan at the Balticon Art Show.  I wanted to track her down and get a signature on the works, but no such luck.  Oh well, perhaps I can track her down on the web, send the masks to her…get them signed…and then get them back.

Here’s the plan for the immediate future:  1)  Work on the three short stories that are done, save for some polishing 2) Leave In Harm’s Way alone for a month 3) re-launch the Unleaded-Fuel for Writers podcast on July 1st.

Yes, you heard it here first.  Unleaded is coming back, and better than ever.  Day has stepped down as co-host to instead concentrate on production, and I am more than happy to keep my fingers out of that side of it.  Instead I’ll be concentrating on the hosting/content of it.  Day will still contribute and you might still hear from her on occasion, but mostly you’re stuck with me.  We are also going to change the format a little to add some guest inspirations and writer interviews.

July 1st, be there or subscribe and listen later…as long as you listen, we don’t care.


-Find your peace and live it…even if it is anti-climactic. J


P.S. Adding the tags to this post I realized In Harm’s Way no longer belongs under “Works In Progress”, that did sort of give me a squee.

Playing Catch Up.

I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, but don’t think I’ve stopped writing.

Actually, I’ve fallen off the face of the earth because I have been writing! I’ve got a deadline, I’ve got to finish 100,000 words on my novel, “In Harm’s Way” by Memorial Day (which is currently 7 days away)…thus all my energy and all my spare time have been poured into my novel.

Good, yes?

I do have pictures for all intervening Photo Sundays…so I haven’t really fallen off that bike, and I’ve written quite a bit on Hawaii. Thus my journaling has not really gone away, it has just been unsuitable for this forum.

So, here is the first of my new posts and if I can keep up my pace on the novel, perhaps you will see a few more before Balticon (currently 5 days away) and absolutely a few after. With Balticon having such a diverse and lively writers track I am sure to have quite a few things to say and people to report on. Well, without further ado:

The World’s Nicest Authors!

Sometimes it’s not the quality or the quantity that you write but who you are that will influence people to not only publish your work, but buy it as well. I know quite a few self-proclaimed “mid-list” writers that I am sure got their foot in the door by virtue of being who they are.

These people are charming, amusing, sweet, and seem to take an honest interest in the people around them. They look at fans, fellow writers, editors, agents, etc and while they may instantly think “what can they do for me” you will NEVER see it in their eyes and if they decide you are not going to be able to help them you will never suffer the brunt of that.

People like Carol Berg, Maria V. Synder, James Daniel Ross and Tee Morris will always earn my money the hard way and I will always gladly give it. Not because everything they turn out is a bestseller, they have misses just like everyone else. Not because I know everything they write will turn into the next Harry Potter, yeah right I could only wish that for them. Not because every book they churn out is a gem that will change my life and I will treasure it forever, come on people I’m being honest here very few books will ‘CHANGE’ my life no matter how much I wish they would.

BUT BECAUSE they are people worth supporting, they are the meat and potatoes that keep me sustained between this instant classic and that horrible dredge. They are people I can speak to, and compliment without believing that the words I speak go in one ear and out another without even creasing the overindulged mind in between…trust me I’ve met a few like that. They are just good people that not only deserve to make a living doing something they love, but they aren’t half bad at it as well.

So, next time you are walking around a conference or meeting an author (mid-list or not) just remember that what people see out of you may well influence how they feel about you when it is your turn in the spotlight. Don’t write people off because you haven’t heard of them…give them a chance and when they blow that chance just walk away. It’s not worth the hassle of fighting and it’ll make you look like the bigger person to everyone involved.

Back from the peace,


Writing Weasles and Plot Moles…

Personal pet peeve: Writing on two machines. Well not so much writing on two machines, but not having the most recent version of every file you tinker with on both machines.

UGH! I’ve been foiled lately in my attempts to write the “GRAND ESCAPE” in the final chapters of “In Harm’s Way”! How, you ask? It is much akin to the Keystone Cops where Renee opens a random file and begins to flesh it out and in doing so comes up with a great idea to be put into the chapter. She writes it, or at least begins to write it, and then must go home/go to work/go writing/go to the gym. Now the problem here is that I am not thinking with all the brain cells God has given me and I will not send this grand new addition to my email…thus blocking myself from working on it later from my work(during lunch and breaks)/home/Day’s machine.

SO, at home/work (during lunch and breaks)/writing/gym I open ANOTHER file, and begin to flesh this one out and figure out what is missing that needs to be added or come up with a great plan for getting my characters out of the lightless hole they are stuck in…with great joy I write furiously until my time is up. Feeling accomplished, or at least not so slackery (yes, I said slackery) as I have been lately I go back home/work/writing/gym only to sit down and discover that the accomplishment…the writing that was nagging at me to keep on…that wordcount that was teasing me to churn out more…is in a place I cannot retrieve it from.

*headdesk* (as a friend of mine would say)

Now, I know some of you technically savvy people out there are wondering why I don’t just get a flash drive. Well, I’ve got one and it was my constant companion (I’d even go so far as to say my fashion statement) during NANOWRIMO, but soon after that I loaned it to Day because she had misplaced hers. Now, loaning something to someone because they have misplaced theirs isn’t the smartest thing in the world to do…especially if you are loaning it to Day. She lost my flash drive. It is in the house or perhaps her office, but it is in a place I am unable to ferret it out from. Thus, tonight…if the roads are not as icy as they are already threatening to be…I am going to replace my flash drive and end this vicious cycle of writing block (not to be confused with writer’s block).

Peace to all of you.