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Site Issues

Ok, the site is changing again…I’ve updated my wordpress and we are still reverting to default.  So I’ve tried the classic theme that comes with wordpress and it seems to stick.  Now we need to find out what about ALL the other themes I’ve picked is different from both classic and default.

In  the meantime I’m deactivating all my widgets in an effort to see if the combination is what is causing the website freakout.

I’ll keep you up to date on what’s happening as it does.

Site FYI

It is possible one of my widgets is causing the theme self-destruct on a daily basis, thus I am deactivating my widgets one by one to see which one is the problem child.

If you don’t see something, don’t panic.  I’ll bring it back when either A) my site reverts to the default theme or B) I figure out what about that particular widget is causing my site to slip back to the default theme (or I find another widget to take its place).

Never fear, I’m still here.

Peace to all,


Frustration Abounds…

Ok, I have given up on my most favorite theme CSS_Freak’s, Dark Chemical. The switch back has gone from 3 days to 1 day, meaning every morning my site reverts back to the default theme. I’ve written Mr. “Freak” with no response and I’ve posted in some “theme maker” blogs for help, but nothing has worked. I’ve even checked out others with this same theme, but they don’t seem to be having this problem (or any problem in fact). Thus it is time to give up on this theme and take things into my own hands.

You know, my dad always said…if at first you don’t succeed, take a detour. So, if someone asks you to spell refrigerator you can’t do it, look them dead in the eye and say, “I-C-E-B-O-X”. You’ve got to love my dad. He is the one that gave me the sense of humor and wonder that sticks with me today, but most importantly he gave me enough common sense to know when I need to give up and go another way.

So, I am off to find another theme today…if I don’t find one (and I’m not expecting to), then tonight I begin to teach myself how to make one.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  I just figured out last night that I have to moderate my comments.  It just never crossed my mind that you all wouldn’t be able to say what you want when you want and have it show up.  My bad!  🙂  (You learn something new every day!)

Who have I offended?

I am not sure what is going on with the site, I continue to be stymied by the strangeness that occurs when I have my back turned.  I am trying to track down the root of all evil, aka the cause of these problems, but it eludes me…as does the ending to my novel.  I will let all of you know, as soon as I know, when the site has been debugged.  Until then, I implore you to continue suffering through the site changes until I figure out who I have offended.

I also wanted to let you know that I DO have photos for Photo Sunday #2.  Unfortunately, Day is sick and I have been spending all of my time attending to her instead of editing the photos so they don’t overpower your internet when you come visit me here.  I am also trying to figure out how to format them so that you can view the larger sizes.  I’m sure you would like to see the details instead of JUST the big picture.

Site Update

Just to let you know, I continue to have issues with the themes I am using on this site. It seems that my chosen theme is being replaced by the default every three days or so. Thus, I am searching for a new theme while also struggling to figure out what the trigger for this default revert is.

If you are visiting regularly and noticing a rapid-fire cycling of themes now you know why. Bear with me, I am hoping to settle down soon…although it looks as if the temporary theme is now deciding it does not want to work as well.


One of these day I shall have my revenge, and it shall be sweet.