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Photo Catch-up

So, yeah, Photo Sunday is back (and let’s be honest, I’m hoping it will jumpstart my presence here on my blog). BUT I’ve been doing Photo Sunday and not posting it for the last few weeks. Yeah, yeah, I know…how dare I neglect you.

BUT I’m here now! So quit yer bellyachin’!

Anyway, this photo comes from the snowstorm we had recently. It was a strange snow, very heavy and wet and ominous. I heard stories of people that had 7 and 8 hour commutes, that had to sleep in cars because all the hotels were booked, that had to abandon their cars after they ran out of gas…it was horrible, and I can see why. Day called me (I was home sick) and begged me to come up and get her. It was all I could do to get the 3 blocks to the Metro Station, and when I arrived I looked more like a snowman than a person. Thankfully, I brought my camera. The pictures were pretty amazing, but I like this one in particular because of the halo caused by the snow crystals.

Lighting the Way:
A lightpole in a snowstorm. It didn't stay on long.


Well, we knew it was coming.
Hopeless wins out.

I wish I could say I’m taking it in stride, but I’m not. In all honesty, I don’t think anyone takes rejection well. No one. It doesn’t feel good.

I don’t feel good.

BUT I’m not letting this stop me. I’m only acknowledging that it exists, because I want other strugglers out there to know that it is NOT unacceptable to feel this way…to say a private little f you to the entity that rejected you.

Tell yourself they don’t know what they turned down…tell yourself they are going to be crying in their beer when you are famous…and then go out there and submit that story again. And if they reject it, just keep going.

This isn’t a race the hare can win…you’ve got to be a turtle, slow and steady and don’t let anything get you down!!!

Chin up, hopeless optimistic (just like me)…we can do this!

Peace and pee on them they don’t know what they passed up,

The Return of Photo Sunday!

It’s all Hawaii all the time, two weeks of wonderful photos.

We spent some time at the Byodo-In Temple.  What a peaceful place! We had rented a car and driven through the Valley of the Temples.  Coming out from among the other cemeteries we saw this.

We stopped and rang the bell, filling the valley with its full tones, before moving toward the temple.  FYI, it temple contains no nails.  As the rest of my family meandered ahead, my sister and I explored a little out of the way gazebo before we joined the rest of the group again.  It was a mystical place the encouraged one to linger over every detail.  We saw an “autograph tree” were people had etched their names into the leaves…supposedly the leaves can last for years before falling off.  We also saw bamboo as big around as those triple wick candles (huge!).  And the cutest frog water fountain.  We spent an hour there, at least, and I wanted more.  I could have laid out a blanket and dozed the day away there.    

The ponds surrounding the temple were filled with koi of all different sizes.  Day and I stopped inside the gift shop and bought some fishfood.  The woman told us to feed the koi on the other side of the temple as they never got fed and the ones on her side of the temple were chubby.  On our way over we snapped some photos of the chubby koi and some plumeria that had floated down from the tree above.

On Monday we took a trip to the Big Island to check out the volcanoes.  We stopped at Rainbow Falls, the Jagger Museum, the Thurston Lava Tube, the lava fields, Big Island Candies, and a veritable poke buffet at a Sack and Save of all places!!!

At Rainbow Falls I saw a blooming banana tree.  The colors were so intense I couldn’t not take a picture of it and I’m glad I did.

Later we stopped along Banyan Tree Drive, it was a street lined by Banyan Trees that had been planted by famous people like:  Trader Vic, Richard Nixon (back before he was President), and Amelia Earhart.  I looked up and saw an amazing bird nest thing…not really sure what it is but it’s cool.


Would you believe “Photo Wednesday”?

I wish I could claim illness for not keeping up…but it’s more likely that I’ve just been busy doing other things.  Hawaii part 2 is coming up next week.  For those of you interested, Day and I won a trip to Hawaii and gave it to my parents.  They didn’t want to go without us, so they offered to pay our way…and you just don’t say no to a “free” trip to Hawaii.  So now my parents and I are going to Hawaii, and well, being the kind sister that I am I invited my siblings as well.  My sister and her hubby are the only ones available to go, but actually that works out as I believe having an island full of my family might be a bit too much.

Since I’m the only one who has been there before it is up to me to plan the trip and get ducks and put them in rows.  We have Pearl Harbor planned, the Polynesian Cultural Center, a day on the North Shore, the Bishop Museum, the Iolani Palace, and volcanoes.  I’m hoping to make everyone happy at least one day (My day?  The North Shore of course!).  I’m also responsible for the hotel and car rental…and get this the limo and lei greeting for mom and dad.  That last bit was my idea.  This is Mom’s dream vacation, I want it to be everything she’s ever wanted it to be.

Ok, enough gushing about Hawaii.  I’ve been struggling with Photo Sunday lately. (as if you didn’t notice)  It’s this hard line between art and memory I keep treading…I look at other photographers and wish I could figure out if I am a point and shooter with a high powered camera or just an undeveloped eye trying to make her way in the world of Halloween costumes and Sunday best.  It continues to be my bane that I cannot bring what I see to life…that I forget the basics of taking photos…that I am lazy and just want art to be easy.  Ok, enough.  Here goes nothing:

Photo Sunday #29:

Picking peaches at Homestead Farm was a real highlight this year.  I went out more than once, not only for the faboo fruit but also for a chance to take some pictures.  Below is a nectarine just itching to be plucked!  Of course I did the minute after this photo was snapped and it later graced my lunch bag. 

Blackberries have such great color at all stages of their growth cycle.  I was lucky enough to find this clump of ripening (and a few ripe!) berries waiting for their closeup.  Yes, I picked the ripe ones once I was done.  They ended up in a pie.

Photo Sunday #30:

My morning glories are blooming as well as my moonflower.  I really didn’t think this picture was going to work.  I had put my camera on the ground to fold back the top of the flower in order to get a face on shot and when I went to pick it up I decided to snap a picture.  I actually kinda like it…

I find abandonded/unused playground equipment kind creepy.  The only thing this old b-ball hoop needed was a frayed net to really make the whole feel complete.  I tried this exact same photo without the flash, but it made the colors too warm.  Overexposing, aka using the flash on, this photo really made the creepy vibe come to the fore.  I was pleased, but again lamented the lack of fraying.

Photo Sunday #31:

I wanted to revisit some dog photos, especially with Kitty so frail lately.  This is outside a friends house.  She rarely wags her tail anymore, I don’t know if it hurts or if she is just old and grumpy…but here she is wagging away.  My heart is going to break when she goes…just shatter into a million grains of sand.  I love that dog.

In my sniffling over the old dog, I decided to try to get a shot of the young idiot.  She wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to really get anything out of her until she thought she heard Day at the door when we were outside.  She froze and I had just enough time to turn the camera on her.  Day says that little girl does not love her, but I’ve got photographic proof right here.  That dog was ready to bolt for her owner and leave me in the middle of a sniff filled forest, if that isn’t love I don’t know what is.


Photo Sunday #32:

Tropical Storm Hannah blew through the area as Day and I were recovering from this heinous cold we’ve both got.  It gave us a GREAT excuse to stay in bed and take Nyquil and not lament the loss of a day.  When we finally felt well enough to go out, we were rewarded with a great shot of the last of the storm front passing through.  It was moving pretty quickly, but I got at least one shot off before I lost it over the buildings completely.

Ok, that should catch you up…so no whining.  Just kidding, whine all you want it proves that people actually keep up with this.  See ya later this week.

Photo Sometime

I am unapologetic about falling off the photo wagon…ok, I lie.

I’m terribly guilty about falling off the photo wagon…so here are some shots from the 4th that I had meant to alert you to.

Down at the Mall for the 4th of July. Funnily enough the display lasted for only 15-20 minutes…not nearly as long as the crazy Falls Church people that try to set your hair on fire and concuss you into the ground. I think I want to go back to Falls Church next year.

Sparkle...what a pretty sky.

We forgot the tripod and rain gear!  Oye!  I wish my brain would work more often than it does.  Although, I shouldn’t complain too much about the rain…I was thankful for it coming down all evening (off and on)…I was able to stand the heat that way. And it made the crowd down at the Mall not so crazy packed, but only heavily attended.

Next year, if not Falls Church…then the WWII monument over in Rosslyn, VA…much better selection of monuments to highlight with the fireworks.

Photo Sunday #23

How is it that I get offered an opportunity to take pictures and I either a) don’t think about it or b) don’t want to be bothered with it?

UGH! I know I love looking at these pix later in the week when I am trying to choose things to post…I know I love having gotten that shot that I didn’t think I got or capturing that special something I didn’t know was going on around me…but still I get lazy and just snap when I have the camera at hand.

You know, honestly, I’ve got a certain level of embarrassment about taking pictures. I’m afraid people are going to be looking at me thinking, “What is she DOING?” And while, yeah being a 6foot 2inch female with a lot of extra weigh on my frame gains a lot of attention, I guess I’ve never gotten comfy with it…so adding a camera onto the front of the giant is just something that makes me prickly with self-consciousness.

Why do I care? None of these people know me and it should not matter how they judge my outsides, I know what my insides are like (red and squlechy)…STILL I find myself waging the internal battle between pulling out the camera and just walking past that incredible shot along with everyone else.

Day used to yell at me for not taking my camera with me. I told her I didn’t want to have to carry the heavy thing around, but I think it was more that I didn’t want to be labeled the fat American tourist (although, isn’t that what we all are in our heart of hearts? Fat off this land and looking around with wide, wondering eyes?).

It’s sad that I am letting these shots teeter by just because I do not want to offend the sensibilities of people I don’t know nor care about! I think that is why I am a writer, hiding behind my words I can offend for completely different reasons, but at least these are reasons I’ve chosen to take as my own and am happy with them unlike so many other things.

Anyway, here is a rather reflective Photo Sunday.


#1 Clouds over my house on Saturday. During the Re-Launch Party for Unleaded, Fuel for Writers (coming to a computer near you on July 1st!) we had a storm blow up…it was like being at home only not as threatening. I’ve missed the spring/summer clouds like this, the big, vanilla ice cream towers that practically proclaim rain is on the way.

Church steeple detail.

#2 Church of my failures. I’ve been trying to capture this church for a while now…I’ve taken some pictures in the morning and at night when I’ve driven past but it always turns out with this flat grey sort of coloring. There is no life in this church when I put it into pictures, but there is a strange sort of appeal to it when I pass it in real life. I’ve tried to put into practice what little I’ve learned about photography and looked into the details for this particular shot. It is still downtrodden though. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Photo Sunday 13-14

I am catching up on all the photos I have taken but have not posted.  Part of the dragging of feet on my part was justified, but I have let it go on too long.  Now it is time to pay the piper and share all the photos I’ve been hoarding.

Week 13 and 14 were both Hawaii Weeks, thus you get 4 Hawaii pictures today.

First up, Duke’s statue…Hawaii’s greatest surfer.


Next, a real wipeout!  This was taken on the Banzai Pipeline.

Third, an amazing landscape.  The red dirt really makes this shot.

Last, a spinner dolphin. Just think, I was in the water with those. You could hear them clicking and squeaking at one another. It was one of the best experiences of my life! Look how clear that water is, you can see bubbles if you blow it up.

For the rest of the Hawaii pictures just click on any of the pictures above they will shoot you right over to flickr. I hope you enjoy and if you do, please leave a comment.

Find your peace and live it…especially if it has a paradise.

Photo Sunday #10

It’s that time of week again, time to look at what I took pictures of…and it was yet another thin week. I’m hoping the next few that come up (with Cherry Blossom Festival and Horrorfind and Hawaii) will be packed full of good photos…but in the meantime I didn’t do too bad on this week with Day and her new stockwhip. Which, let me tell you, is a one of a kind Jeanne Fraiser Stockwhip made of kangaroo leather and very sweet.

Well, without further delay…

I love the texture and richness of this photo. The grain of her jeans, the crosshatch of the leather, and the studs on her belt buckle. It all just rocks when you blow it up…it is so full of energy/color/life! I often bemoan the fact that I kill photos…this one I did NOT kill.

A girl and her whip are not soon parted. This is not a crisp at the previous one, but the lines on it are fun and I love the ‘movement’ in this shot. You know what she is doing without her moving a muscle. I was impressed with myself. *lol*

OMG! I forgot!

I just realized that I wrote a blog post for Photo Sunday #10, with pictures and everything, and FORGOT TO POST IT!

It must have been around the time that the President of the University came to visit our office…I was losing my mind then. 🙂

Ok, so hold on and hold out I’ll have it up first thing tomorrow…and trust me, it’s worth coming back for!  (There are really sexy pictures of a whip weilding woman involved!)

Photo Sunday #9 (Now with photos!)

It’s Thursday and I am just now getting my photos free from the evil SD card…but in all honesty, it WAS my fault. Somehow I flipped the little lock button on the card. It makes it hard to use when it is locked down like that.

This week was another thin week with nothing going on in the event arena, which left me scrambling for something to take pictures of. Thank goodness for Spring! Our yard has started to explode, not only with grass that will soon need to be cut, but also with flowers we didn’t know we had, as well as the ones I had previously planted. The first up (always the first up), Crocus in a beautiful purple. What a treat to be out playing with the dogs and come across these sweet flowers. I had to sneak a few up pictures of them close and personal…but I was fighting the cold and even as I was snapping I could see them tightening up against the night. Very neat.

The next also in honor of spring and Easter and all those good things that bring flowers and warmer weather. Next up is a church I pass every day on the way to work which I think is just lovely. I mentioned wanting to take pictures of this place in a prior Photo Sunday post as the church that had an amazing look when the sun was setting. Then it seemed to sparkle…where as here it conveyed a sense of permanence.

Have a peaceful week and Happy Easter!