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Thoughts, thoughts, everywhere…

Do you ever get trapped in your head? Ever get so lost in your own dead end thoughts that you can’t get out? Sometimes that’s not a bad thing…sometimes it is.

It’s just a shame that I’ve been trapped in the bad side. I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels, rehashing the same things over and over until I just want to scream. And it does not help that lately the news seems to be nothing but bad…it reinforced my sadness and forced me deeper into my own brain.

It doesn’t seem to have impacted my writing very much though…as a matter of fact I’ve had a sort of rebirth in that arena. I’ve started writing on both projects (the editing pass of Harmony and the Carnival project with Day) each day. It’s not a ton of words, 500 words at most. Still, anything is worth doing…and I guess this doesn’t make my current situation all bad.

On a lighter note, the writing group (which honestly has kinda hit a rough patch) had a sort of rebirth the other night. We looked at one another and said, “We come to this to encourage writing, now what do we have to do to write?” Everyone (except Day) set goals for themselves and prizes. It felt good to walk away wanting to write.

This week we are going to see if everyone kept up with it.
Ok, funny story of the week…Day and I made a DTV transition video reminding everyone to get a converter box before the analog signal was turned off. We got a box, put it somewhere it would not be forgotten…and promptly forgot it. Thus when it was time for the transition, we were one of the ones to go to static. UGH! So, fast forward nearly a month…after I have scoured the house and the attic looking for the box…I decide to open the cube we keep our movies in. While poking around in there, I keep moving this box out of my way. It becomes so much a pain I pull it out entirely…and then actually look at it. It’s the converter.

So whoo hoo television…boo hoo television…and dang it, I’ve got to stop trying to not lose things.

Ok, so I have to get back to the writing. See ya around.

(No peace…just not feeling it.)


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