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Glue and even more glue. (Blog Bite)

So everything around me is falling apart…or not working…or just generally causing me chaos.

#1:  Computer..yeah, it’s not working.  We think it is the power cord because we can’t get it to charge.  Thus I’m cut off from updating everything from twitter to this blog and all my online shows and worse yet my writing!

#2 Friends…in happy news my friend finally sold her house!  In sad news she finally sold her house.  I can’t believe a) she’s finally managed to get my “vacation home” off her hands and b) how much stuff she still needs to pack!  My other friends have sort of drifted off into their own worlds and I know a few of them are having issues (you CAN just call and vent, ya know?  Or escape to my house for a while if you want…we don’t mind!)  Perhaps, it is time for a yard party.

#3 Kitchen Door…So Day and I want to keep the cats in the kitchen to preserve the rest of the house.  (We’ve had pee and scratch issues in the past.)  So we decide to put a folding table across the door to keep them in there…they push it over.  We put a box at the bottom of the door…they lean against it until the table leans (they are going on a diet).  We put another box on top of the first…they jump the table.  We put a blanket over the door so they can’t jump over it…they climb the blanket.  We put a flattened box on top of the table and tape it to the blanket and table…they laughed.

Ok, this is crazy.  Time to step it up.  I go buy an accordion door for the kitchen doorway…they pop open the magnet holding the door shut.  I tie the door shut…they squeeze under it.  I put the table in front in front of it (sound familiar!?!?!?)…they knock it over.  I  put a box in front of the table…they slice through the plastic and knock over the table.  I put tape on the seams…they push open the far side of the door where there is only like 6 inches of space and squeeeeeeeeze through and knock over the table.  I tie the door harder and weigh down the string so they can’t push the far side of the door open…they do anyway.

Once again, CRAZY!

I go buy a hook and eye.  I think I have won.  Yesterday, I went home…they have learned how to unhook it.  I put a box in front of the hook………………….0_O

Find your peace and hand me some more glue, will ya?  Oh, and live it!



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  1. 5/14/2009 | 6:41 pm Permalink

    Those cats are tricksy. I’m going to appear in town this summer for a couple days. Must have dinner or something.

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  2. 5/14/2009 | 7:19 pm Permalink

    Wow, those are some industrious cats. You made me laugh!

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