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Photo Nibbles #1

Here are a couple photo nibbles from New Orleans. Think of photo nibbles like friendship bread…they are starters, you just need to add the idea and writing time and soon (like in a week) you might have a story to share! Feel free to post them in the comments. I’ll even help you get started with some pointed questions.

Nibble #1: Saints and Skulls

The beautiful saint and her empty eyed skull friend.

Why is she holding the skull? Where did the skull come from? Is she sad or sexy or contemplative? Is she beckoning with her finger? This saint is in Saint Mary’s Chapel (attached to the Ursaline Convent), it’s convent is no longer used and while we were there no one else came into the chapel, I wonder what she does to while away the slow winter seasons? Does she long for the Mississippi that is only a block away but forever out of reach? What happened to her during Katrina?

Nibble #2: The Great Mardi Gras Leviathan!

The Mighty Dragon Float of Mardi Gras, a riot of color and lights!

What happens at night, when they turn the lights off? Is this float the site of a murder? I hear that the members of this float’s krewe spend all year maintaining it and getting it ready for one parade during Mardi Gras, what inspires this sort of dedication? Perhaps there is a treasure hidden among the thousands of lights? Or perhaps a child’s last wish was to ride this beast’s back though the night sky, how would he make that happen?

Anyway, have at it friends.

Find your peace, even while you’re digging through old photos, and live it!


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    Dude, this was totes in Top Chef last week! Way to be!

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