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Trip withdrawl and typing woes…

I think…ok, I know I am having trip withdrawal. My house has been on the road (off and on) since early December, Pennsylvania…Missouri…Louisiana…and all the states in between (not to mention our jaunts to Virginia) and while I’m happy to be home I sort of feel like I’ve got nothing to look forward to.

Now I KNOW, this isn’t the truth. I KNOW that Day and I will be running off somewhere fun and unusual soon enough, but without anything really on the schedule for anytime soon I’m feeling let down.

Let’s make no bones about the fact that living in D.C. you NEED time off to recharge. We get up at the same time as the Mid-West and go an hour later before we get our news at night…factor in all the traffic that makes getting ANYWHERE around here a 20 minute jaunt, and the fact that your friends while only across town may well be an hour away, and the sheer amount of things available to do in any given day/week/month and you’ll see why people who live up here never use their kitchens and are always exhausted. Getting away from this place takes away all the “MUST DO” imperatives…it pulls all the “I HAVEN’T GOT TIME” excuses out of your hands and let you just sit.

I think I need time to just sit…not sit and think how awful my house looks…not sit and think how I should be working on something or contacting someone. Just sit and exist and let life meander past without the press of time attached to it.

Thus, you can see why having a trip to look forward to is so important. I am not in need of recharging yet…although if the option was presented to me I wouldn’t say no…but the idea of having nothing on the horizon, nothing to aim for, nothing to anticipate is sort of depressing.

(ALERT: The following is a thinly veiled attempt to relate this post to writing.) I think this “depression” is impacting my writing. I’ve slowed to glacial speed, approx. 500 a week down from my 5000 word days in November, and that brings me down even more. It’s a cycle, I tell ya! A cycle! With all I’ve done this year, to come screeching up against this…not writer’s block, but just life block is sort of distressing. Oye, how to get motivated??

Top ten ways to get motivated to write:

  1. Organize your writing space.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Make a date to write with friends.
  4. Set a “writing time” and stick to it.
  5. Get a writing “buddy”.
  6. READ! (Something awful if you can stand it.)
  7. Join a writing group.
  8. Turn off your internet and unplug your TV (for a day/week/month)
  9. Set rewards and punishments for yourself. (No chocolate cookies till 1000 words.)
  10. Hire an enforcer! Or if that fails set a deadline!

Find you peace and live it, even if we’ve got no place to go…


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