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Welcome to another year…

I went back to take a look at last year’s resolutions today to see how I did…

Well, I can honestly say I spent more time writing and less time doing other things (since I gave up WOW and we got rid of cable this was an easy one).

And I think I spent more time living life and less time being afraid of it…case in point the 2 trips to Hawaii and driving cross country with a U-Haul. Seriously, a few years ago I don’t know if I would have been able to handle the emotional stress it took to do these things.

As for organization and procrastination…no amount of wishing is going to help with that and no amount of resolutions is going to change it. These resolutions shouldn’t be resolutions but should be something I spend time and energy trying to correct. Life goals rather than reorganization of energy.

I’d say my resolutions ended up being half and half. The ones I was really hoping to hold onto I did…the ones that were necessary but not as important got shoved to the side. Not a bad year, not a great one but hey every little bit helps.

So, now what?

Well, this year I’d like to really up my stamina. I want to keep up with my New York friends when they take off down Broadway like a speeding bullet.

I want to have a very special conversation with my parents.

I want to give more and keep less.

I want to find that place, that tribe, that community I can finally call my own, and I want to be there for them like they are for me.

Just little things that will restore my faith in myself and the world around me, that will encourage me to grow and spread my wings into who I am and who I can be.

Wish me luck.

Find you peace and live it, even if your resolutions make things complicated.


P.S. One of the hard line resolutions I gave Day this year was to keep up with my blog, aka post once a week…so here I am posting. Look at me go.


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