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My Christmas Vacation by N.R. Brown

Twas the night before the night before Christmas and always listen to what your mother… “Don’t try to drive across the country to come home for Christmas, just stay under cover.  Or you’ll get in an accident and run into bad weather.”… Bang the back end of my HHR is cracked and our plans to drive home are suddenly lacked…Not a car to be had in all of D.C. so it’s up to BWI with Day and me…

Twas the night before Christmas and we were finally on the road, two dogs in the back and 9 hours to go…The ice on the trees made my mind shiver and the stuff on the road made the rental car quiver…all though the day and into the night I knew my poor old mother was right…And when it began thunder down with a cold December shower I knew momma must have some psychic power!

Twas the late night before Christmas and all through Louisville not a salad was to be found, so we had a few more burgers from the grill…Don’t step on the carpet, we can’t throw open the sash…Does the dog have to go potty cuz she smells like…whoops too late!  Can you pick that up, please?

Was the day of Christmas and boy what a relief only 6 more hours for our trip to complete.  Why did we do this again?  Oh yeah, the good eats!

(Did I mention that I don’t usually rhyme things..?  It’s harder than it seems.)


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