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A Happy Holiday Countdown!

I should be writing, but I’m not. Instead I’m bemoaning the fact that is it 8 days until Christmas and I’ve still got a list a mile long to purchase for! The internet may be a real time saver, but it will not give me the discipline to actually sit down and purchase all the gifts that are on my list.

Would that it could.

Although, honestly I do love shopping at Christmas. I love the happiness of purchasing not for me, but for someone else…I anticipate the joy when they open it (or at least the, “Oh.”)

Anyway I thought I’d get one Holiday gift out of the way…my gift to you.

I give to you this year a top 10 of terrifically creative things:

10 more minutes to write

9 belly laughs

8 chance encounters (that end positively)

7 breaks from the usual

6 strokes of genius

5 more minutes to write

4 dramatic characters

3 blogs worth reading

2 “mental health” days full of sunshine

1 more minute to write!


One completed novel to call your very own!


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