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Why must you be October!?

Every year it seems that my October isn’t the quiet time of reflection…saying goodbye to summer…preparing for winter…gearing up for NANO…and sipping a lot of apple cider with the windows open.

No, no, no…every stinking year it becomes jam packed with every weekend spoken for and a few weekdays as well. I find myself falling behind on laundry, dishes, even grocery shopping. Well, this year is no different.

On one hand I enjoy having my days and night scripted to within an inch of their lives. On the other, I’ve got some things that are suffering because of my inattention. Isn’t that always the way though?

Especially in writing. You can find yourself wrapped up in details you find interesting, plots you find fun, scenes you think are exciting…and neglecting things like character arc, subtext, and environment. Or at least I do. It’s hard to keep in mind all the things that go into a novel, you’ve got the car chases but you’ve got the tender silences too. AND not just the ones leading up to a kiss.

I struggle especially with subtext. I would love all my novels to have this amazing understory. A world of hints and suggestion that reveal a greater interaction beneath…like gods in our sandbox creating Zen gardens as we play with trucks and teapots. I want people to read my work and have those flashes that I do…OMG is she referencing blah? I think she IS! Or even more subtle, like a déjà vu in setting and tone making the reader recall a classic work of fiction or art. A rainbow of blues through watery glass, it’s there but you just think you are imagining things.

That is my lofty goal…to find a way to develop my subtext and yet let it be natural. I don’t want to force it; else it seems like parody or worse just plain bad writing. I want it to come organically. I want to discover it as my readers would. An inkling of an idea and upon further exploration the discovery of another world hiding in plain sight. Then I can push and prod it a bit to make it more real in my story.

Ugh, I feel like I’ve got no solution to this post today…no happy bow to tie things up with. Perhaps I’ll think about it and get back to you. Or perhaps I’ll just keep going until October is over and hope for calmer times during November. HA! Like that is going to happen!

Find your peace and live it, even if it has no tidy endings…


My confession: I think subtext is too hard for my underdeveloped plotbrain. Must flex plotbrain muscles!!

My redemption: Went fencing last night for the first time in a long time. I hurt this morning, but I think I was smart in the way I approached it (at least I’m not crippled with pain).

My grind: My stupid eyes continue to give me trouble. Do you realize how much you use your eyes for? I can’t read or use the computer or watch TV…I sit in a room with my eyes closed and listen to the freakin’ radio or books on tape. UGH!


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