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The excitement is building as October screams toward Halloween.  Last year at this time I was planning my trip to World Fantasy and bemoaning the fact that I was going to lose 4 days of November to traveling, although it was for a good reason…I had yet to discover my true love (aka Hawaii) or even know I was going to be taking a trip there…and I had an idea and a short story for NANOWRIMO.

This year I’m planning a trip to Pennsylvania and bemoaning the fact that I’m going to lose at least 2 days to traveling…I have visited Hawaii twice and would like to go again…and I have finished editing the first 6 chapters of “In Harm’s Way”, and have developed a new idea and written a short story for NANOWRIMO.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I’m sure some of you know already, but I got a promotion.  I am now manning the reference desk of my library two hours a day, as well as doing some email and archives projects.  I got a raise and my vacation went from 10 days a year to 22 days a year, my benefits got better although I don’t take advantage of any of them save the retirement (I get better insurance elsewhere).  AND I got told about this the day before we flew out to Hawaii, which made the 22 hour flight easier to bear.  (Yes, I know the flight from D.C. to Honolulu is only 11 hours, but our first plane of the day malfunctioned and it went down from there.)

This promotion makes me really happy in that I don’t have to learn a whole new job (and take time away from writing) to get better pay.  Nope, I’ve already got a great deal of experience in what I’m doing now I just need to stop freaking out about it.

Speaking of writing, I missed my October 1st self-imposed deadline.  I am now rushing to finish the first pass of “In Harm’s Way” before we run smack into NANO.  November I will have no time at all to even think about Harmony, much less edit her…so she’s got to get done now.  Speaking of that, I need to get back to it…

Find your peace and live it, even if it is…BBL editing.



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    P.S. I’ll try to do the whole PhotoSunday thing tomorrow.

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