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Bang! Bang!

I’m hitting you with two Photo Sunday’s today…as far as I can tell they are numbers 26 and 27.

I’m trying to do some reading on photography, as I am comparing myself to some of my Flickr contacts and groups and realizing I am just not getting something. A lot of my photos are dead shots…ones I’m not that impressed with as opposed to the real thing. I had this problem in the past and thought I was growing out of it but it seems to be rearing its ugly head again.

Anyone have any tips for fixing “dead eye”?

Photo Sunday #26

Bunny Revisited

I revisited Bunny, taking a friend to meet her. The friend was impressed with the cemetery, but I was horrified. The weeds were at least 6 feet tall (aka as tall as I was) and there had been no effort made to make orderly paths through the mess. I was afraid of venturing too far into the weeds…as you can never tell what is going to be lurking there (read: I was wearing sandals and I hate snakes). What’s more while we were there I saw the caretaker making a beeline for us…I’m not sure what he was going to say, as we left before he could get anywhere close to us and when he saw us leaving he sort of gave up and went back home. It makes me wonder what sort of management this place has that they let it get so neglected and yet have enough money to keep a caretaker on 24/7 in a house on the lot?

Clouds Part Deux

pretty pink clouds

I’m trying to capture clouds lately. It is an exercise in creativity and developing my inner eye…what can I see in water vapor and dreams? Would others see it? Is it accurately reflected on the film? I’m having fun! It is unfortunate that lately the weather has not cooperated with those stunning cloudscapes that I am looking for, but I will survive.

Photo Sunday #27

Another World

I think I over-corrected this shot a bit.

We went out with Day’s dad for a dinner to celebrate his visit to town. It was fantastic having a native Arabic speaker with us. He chatted up all the waiters and translated the walls for us. He sang with the songs and clapped with the belly dancer. When we were done, I felt like he’d given the place his stamp of approval by saying, “Please, let me pay for this…it is my dinner, with my kind of food.” (I think he was saying it was the sort of food he would have fed us if we visited him, but since we can’t…)

Random Posing

Frolicking in the fountain!

How strange it is to have someone or a group of someones randomly pose. The women in this shot did not gather together for my camera, they were frolicking around a fountain and just stopped and looked at me. When they realized I was taking a picture, Sara (the woman in front) spread her hands in her signature “Ta Dah!” pose. It was great. So while not the best picture in the world (I don’t think there is enough contrast in the background to make it interesting), the people in it are an element I’d like to remember.
Special shout out to Robert for keeping me honest!


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    Nice clouds!

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    Thank you! I’m going to keep trying to capture some neat ones over the summer…

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