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Photo Sometime

I am unapologetic about falling off the photo wagon…ok, I lie.

I’m terribly guilty about falling off the photo wagon…so here are some shots from the 4th that I had meant to alert you to.

Down at the Mall for the 4th of July. Funnily enough the display lasted for only 15-20 minutes…not nearly as long as the crazy Falls Church people that try to set your hair on fire and concuss you into the ground. I think I want to go back to Falls Church next year.

Sparkle...what a pretty sky.

We forgot the tripod and rain gear!  Oye!  I wish my brain would work more often than it does.  Although, I shouldn’t complain too much about the rain…I was thankful for it coming down all evening (off and on)…I was able to stand the heat that way. And it made the crowd down at the Mall not so crazy packed, but only heavily attended.

Next year, if not Falls Church…then the WWII monument over in Rosslyn, VA…much better selection of monuments to highlight with the fireworks.

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