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Photo Sunday #8 (UGH!)

This last week was the thinnest photo week since I’ve started (which, if you think about it has been 2 months now)! I honestly don’t know what happened, Day and I were both busy or avoiding being busy and time got away from us. It was cold and Day didn’t want to be out with me…thus the one say (Sunday) I had a chance to take photos my time was cut very short because she would have nothing doing.

I meant to take pix of the friends we had lunch with, but I just forgot in all the fun we were having talking and such. Oh well…as punishment I’ve got to put up at least one picture of what I did take this weekend, but as extra punishment and to remind myself to get out there and snap away I’m putting up two of them.


#1 Is a photo from Sunday. These geese had become accustomed to being fed, so they swam right up to the edge of the overhang beside the restaurant. They didn’t even care that the dog was right there, they just wanted the bread I had convinced Day to throw to them.

#2 This is a church I drive past every day. I got stuck at a light one night and loved the look of the light against the tree and chuch…this picture does not capture the quality of the light very well, but I needed another picture and I wasn’t going to put up more geese. I’m hoping to try this again some night but with Daylight Savings Time now in effect, I’m not sure when I will be at that spot near sundown again…perhaps in a month or so. We’ll see.

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    That was Sunday! What about the rest of the week? *grins* You need the camera, not me. Sorry babe. This one is all you.

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