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Photo Sunday #6

Another week goes by and along comes another pair of pictures to grace my site. This week was a challenge…I spent more time in front of the camera showing off my fire rather than behind it taking the photos. Not a good idea when you’ve got pictures that need to go up on Monday. Ugh!

Well, I did manage to get some photos in…they are perhaps not my first choice for presentation but when times require needs must.

The first picture was taken after a rainstorm, facing one of the boarded up buildings on the College Park campus. I thought it a lovely sentiment, as that campus will (hopefully) be my pot of gold.
College Park as the land of dreams.

The second one is, of course, fire. I had so much fun taking photos of it and being photographed with it that I had to include one. It is unfortunate that they are all so fuzzy, more than just a low light photo. It is just too dark to accurately focus the camera, so I end up guessing as to when it is in focus. That does not always work. Anyway, I did get one good one with Day and I just had to share. Although it does not have any of the trails the others had, I really think this one has a great composition and is worth posting.
Day and fire, what a combination.


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